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Segment 1:

Q1) Can you please introduce yourself to the community?

Hello everyone, I’m ZenkiDang Marketing Manager from the Tokenplay project. I have 5 years of experience in Marketing, especially in the field of Blockchain, I have only joined for 2 years. I have faith that Blockchain will continue to thrive in the future. In fact, I really like to play games and have a passion for playing games and developing games. That’s why I found Tokenplay here. A combination of blockchain and gaming platform.

Q2) Please tell us in detail about Tokenplay?

Tokenplay is The 1st NFT & Gaming platform built on multi-chain, we develop on binance smart chain and polygon. Our vision is to make Tokenplay the biggest NFT & Gaming platform in the blockchain industry. With tokenplay, users can access and play to earn so much game and free for trading any NFT gaming you want. We are not a game-one game blockchain, we are a game blockchain store like Appstore or CHplay version blockchain.

Q3) Please shed some light on the long term benefits of holding $TOP ? Also are there any short term advantages as well? If yes then what are those?

If you are holding a $TOP token then it is the main payment currency for the whole Tokenplay ecosystem including buying game tickets, farming, playing for money and some other activities like buying and selling NFT on the Market that we do. You can buy NFT here with Top Token and exchange it with other users in Tokenplay’s system.

Q4) Partnerships and Community Support are the most important thing for a project to grow. So can you tell us some of your strategies and how you plan to keep the community and partners happy?

We have a lot of partnership in the world: Binance Vietnam, Polygon, RMIT, Startupworld,, Dappradar…beside that, we have good connection with a lot of gaming studio in Singapore and Vietnam, so that’s why we will release a lot of new game in the near time. We are trying to become the biggest NFT Gaming platform in the world.

Soon Tokenplay will launch Sky Farm, this is the result of cooperation with the game developer. Tokenplay will also launch many new products in the near future to bring the community more attractive games.

Q5) We got to know so much about Tokenplay and are now extremely excited to buy some $TOP! So please shed some light for new investors on from where to buy $TOP?

Tokenplay is currently available on PolyDex, BitMart & PancakeSwap. You can find us by the symbols Top (For PolyDex & PancakeSwap) and $Top (For BitMart)




We are also working with Bunicorn to open more Pool Farms on it, it will be available soon.

Segment 2:

Q1.Why #TokenPlay is targeting the old games? Recently, most people like games that are challenging, slightly complicated, and provide a cool interface. Is this decision based on target users of a certain age? In the near future, do you have any plans to provide more special games?


Tokenplay focuses on Minigame games because it’s simple, easy to play & fun. We will easily reach the community through these games but that is not our goal yet. Tokenplay is collaborating with other developers to launch more Games with attractive gameplay & better graphics to the community. In addition, we can also provide other Game projects with a Marketplace for the community to buy and sell NFTs about the Game. Tokenplay is an ecosystem that caters to the community who love to play Blockchain games.

Q2.I have seen that TokenPlay is collaborating with FARALAND! Which is definitely successful in the future game industry. So, How will this strategic partnership help the ecosystem and growth of TokenPlay and the community? and what other partnerships have you had so far?


That’s right, Tokenplay is collaborating with Faraland to develop into an ecosystem that serves the community. Tokenplay will appear in Faraland missions and players can earn Top Tokens from in-game quests. Conversely on Tokenplay’s Marketplace you can still buy and sell Faraland Game character NFTs. Tokenplay will be combined with many other projects in the future.

Q3. In your website I noticed that there is an option to “Apply as an artist” . Can you explain to us a little better what are the aspects that you take into account to choose an artist? Do you accept emerging artists or do you require certain years of experience?


Tokenplay has a registration form for Artists who want to collaborate with us. Tokenplay only accepts works related to Game and we are ready to assist them in minting works on our Marketplace. If you are an Artist and want to sell your work, register with us.

Q4.NFTs are undeniably a big deal in the blockchain space right now. There are an increasing number of NFTs being created across a broad range of platforms like music, art, gaming and collectibles. So how is “ TokenPlay “ different from the other NFT marketplace?


The NFTs that Tokenplay targets are NFTs in the Blockchain Game field. We only focus on the Game, not everything. Tokenplay is solely focused on the Game industry and will be at the forefront of that field.

Q5.What are your thoughts on the NFT authenticity and duplication, because for the artist and the art collector this is the most damaging thing, do you have any idea to solve this issue in the NFT marketplace?

From :-@LuckyDog2507

This is a pretty big problem in the field of NFTs, Tokenplay also realizes this and we are also working on the Scan NFTs feature. Tokenplay will launch this feature in the near future when all research and development is complete. Don’t worry, Tokenplay understands what the community needs and we will bring the best features to you.

Segment 3:

Q1. Many projects on a daily basis promise great utilities and functionalities, but they end up throwing the carpet days after the presale, how do you really know that your project will not throw the carpet? What guarantee do investors have? | @yennessyer

Tokenplay demonstrated by launching 2 Game & NFTs platforms. Everyone can visit our Website to experience them. We guarantee the roadmaps that we have published and will perfect them in the best way. Unlike other projects after IDO that still have no products, Tokenplay has launched products before IDO because we want the product to be as complete as possible.

Q2. Covid-19 has a bad impact in almost every sector. So, as a crypto project, how did it affect you? How have you and your team done the work in the pandemic? | @talhamm1

Covid is a global problem and we are affected too but it is not significant. Our team is still working hard to perfect the product according to the Roadmap that we announced. New features and new games will be updated continuously in the near future without being affected by Covid.

Q3. Recently most of the projects have pulled the carpet and got rid of the scams. Why should we trust your project while it’s still happening? | @embebuoi

Tokenplay has a product on Mainnet, we have also been listed on exchanges like PolyDex, BitMart & PancakeSwap… we have a tradable NFTs Marketplace. We have a Blockchain Game page where everyone can play and earn money on it. Tokenplay is not like other projects.

Q4. Too many projects promise magic but never release any working product or prove any revenue, Within a short/long time of release. Is your project also like this? If not can u tell us, What makes your project different from other projects? | @MarcosStreeter

Tokenplay had a product before IDO, after IDO we still launch new features continuously and organize weekly activities to connect with the community. Tokenplay also launched many new games such as Super Slither, Sky Farm… In the near future we will cooperate with GameFi projects to sell NFTs on Tokenplay’s Marketplace. We have proven to the community that we are a stable and long-term development project.

Q5. The idea of NFT games are very hot currently and attract the attention of many investors, but there are still the risks of being scammed or the final product not meeting the expectations of users. What do you have to offer to keep those from happening? | @BarbSinclair

Tokenplay had a product before IDO, after IDO we still launch new features continuously and organize weekly activities to connect with the community. Tokenplay also launched many new games such as Super Slither, Sky Farm… In the near future we will cooperate with GameFi projects to sell NFTs on Tokenplay’s Marketplace. We have proven to the community that we are a stable and long-term development project.

Tokenplay is a project of TECHFARM PTE. LTD.
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Token Play

TokenPlay’s vision is to be a platform for the development of NFTs Blockchain Games on multi-chain and beyond — to be a hub for the biggest games blockchain.