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In a distant kingdom, a prince Slither was born, youthful and innocent, curious about the world, he frequently crashed due to his immaturity, sometimes almost crashing into the wall, sometimes almost getting wounded. He was suffocated to death by a more powerful snake. He lived happily in his own country until the kingdom fell, forcing him to learn how to battle opponents and preserve his people.

When he learns his first lesson, which is to learn and investigate the opponent first (chapter 1: hunting beast), the best way to win is to never stop exercising speed, agility, and excellent judgment (“fast moving and smart”). Then he can survive. You will not be successful if you do not plan ahead of time. He’s refined his technique after a series of “hunting” battles with his opponent..

Fighting weak opponents, on the other hand, will not make him stronger; he has to pick opponents who can equal his abilities (chapter 2: survival battle) so he may practice survival and survive. He also learnt that the impatient will put themselves in danger and quickly lose in any combat. The second lesson is to become more patient, “persistence and wisdom,” and to utilize your knowledge to entice and snare opponents “dynamic and disruptive experts.” The more the opponent gets agitated, the simpler it is for him to win.

Finally, who is he? Is it a lord or the kindly old Slither? That being the case, how is it possible for him to help the people and rescue the kingdom at the same time?He must battle the strongest to claim his kingdom (chapter 3: Lord of Slither), training in speed, intellect, or patience will not assist him much since he must be “the real strong” “strong and frightful, it was inside of him, he simply hadn’t realized it yet, it was concealed underneath his old fragile shell.

Hi TOP lovers,

Welcome to “Beast Territory — Ways to be the Lord of Slither,” where you will learn how to become powerful and “The Lord” to save your people.

You must complete three challenges, which correspond to three rounds:

Chapter 1: Hunting Beasts

You’ll be taken to a place where strong people live alongside weaker ones. Your goal is to consume as much food as possible while defeating the weaker ones to get points. The score is based on your best four-day performance. Only the top 40 scorers will proceed to the next round.

Chapter 2: Survival Battle

You’ve beaten the weaker opponents, and now it’s time to face the stronger ones. This battle calls for not just quickness, but strategies that distract the opponent and make them lose patience. Make efforts to score because points are only recorded during the contest. To gain weight, increase your intake of food. Only the top 10 scores will advance to the championship round.

Chapter 3: The Lord of Slither.

Now that the fight is over, you’ve shown yourself to be a true strongman. If you just strive a little more, you’ll succeed and be able to save your people. Put your faith in the knowledge you gained from the first two rounds. Put all the skills you’ve learned to good use by attacking your opponent with speed and dexterity while also using intellect and patience to win. Get to know your inner strength and prove yourself deserving of the title “Lord of Slither.”

Good luck!



Prizes up to 500K$TOP, specifically:

To grow up and grow, everyone of us was once an immature Slither, learning everything we could to discover “ourself” and reach out “Happiness”

Enjoy the game and become “The Lord of Slither”!

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