Blockchain and NFT are turning players into investors through Games & Trading

NFT is a cryptographic blockchain token that constitutes a valuable asset in the crypto market. To gain this token and sell it on the market you can trade or play games.

Connect with Meta Mask or Trust wallet and play to get rich. Here are the games that can make you money

Axie Infinity: NFTs are currently being used on Loom Network and will migrate to the Ronin sidechain platform to expand the technical facilities. Ronin is a specially designed Axie Infinity application sidechain located in the testnet.

Decentraland: Decentraland is a decentralized virtual reality world in which players can own and trade NFT products and virtual lands. The same goes for cryptocurrency voxels in which players can build, develop, and exchange virtual assets.

Gods Unchained: Gods Unchained is a digital card collecting game in which tokens are issued on the blockchain in the form of NFTs. Because each digital card is unique, gamers can hold and trade at the same rate as the real card.

My Crypto Heroes: My Crypto Heroes is a Massively Multiplayer (RPG) game. Players can rank historical heroes through search and battle. Heroes and in-game content are generated in the Ethereum blockchain as tokens.

Binance Collectibles: Together with Binance and Enjin, Binance Collectibles are published on special occasions. If you want to own one, follow the Twitter Account and search for gifts.

Crypto Stamps: Austrian Post has published a Crypto Stamp that connects the digital world with the physical world. These stamps are used like any other stamp for mailing. They are also kept on the Ethereum blockchain as a digital image, making it a transferable digital asset.

In addition to the games introduced above you can also go to our Token Play Website to play games by buying plays and winning other players to get rewards.

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