How to calculate points and distribute rewards on Token Play (TOP) — Play games for easy money

1. Business Model

1.1 Overview

Token Play Gaming Platform is an online gaming platform, pre-built game store including 2 types of games: free-to-play and paid-to-play

  • Each game has a fee attached to a smart contract built on BSC
  • User pays for game tickets and receives rewards with user’s BSC wallet through Metamask portal
  • Users buy tickets to play games (for a fee) and play games for points
  • After each game round, the top users with the highest total score in each game will receive a bonus
  • Smart contract will receive money to buy tickets from users and automatically pay rewards at the end of each round
  • When a round ends, the system’s total number of turns will be reset to 0 .

1.2 Revenues

  • User’s ticket purchase
  • Ticket price: 0.001 BNB = 10 plays per game

1.3 Distribution of revenue

  • Total ticket purchase = 100%
  • Collect 50% service fee (this part is the profit of Token Play)
  • Pay 50% game bonus (pay off all users)

2. Games

2.1 Description of paid games game

Free games and Hot games (paid games)

Each game with a fee has a ticket price of 0.001 BNB = 10 plays per game

If the turn is over, the user must buy a ticket to get more plays

Each game is associated with 1 BSC Smart Contract to make payment for game tickets and receive automatic rewards

When a round ends, the number of turns of the whole system will be reset to 0

2.2 List of games with Token Play fee

  • Gun March
  • Flapcat Steampunk
  • Hero Rescue
  • Asteroids
  • 2048

2.3 List of games Free

We have a constantly updated list of free games so players can play without worrying about fees. The list will be updated monthly with the number of new Games up to hundreds of games

2.4 User’s gaming history

Returned after each turn includes the following information:

  • Game name
  • Play date
  • Address
  • Point
  • Returns the notification UI

2.5 Ranking

The leaderboard shows the list of players with the highest scores for each Game. You can choose to view each Game name easily.

3. Payment

3.1 Connect Wallet & Payment Gateway

Use metamask to connect crypto wallet, use to pay for transactions and signatures on Token Play and disconnect at the request of the user

3.2 Payment currency

We use BNB for payment

3.3 Transaction type

  1. User buys game tickets
  2. Reward users

4. Smart Contract

Token Play uses BSC Smart Contract to store money pool for ticket purchases and rewards

One smart contract attached and only attached to One game at a time

5. Statistics and rewards

5.1 Round

Round: a limited time to calculate the user’s gaming results and the total prize money of each game

1 round ends at 23:55 every day

When 1 round ends, the number of turns of the whole system will be refreshed to 0

When a round ends, a new round starts immediately

5.2 Calculation and payout

Paying game bonuses will be paid for each game round by round

Paying the gaming bonus will be divided among the TOP 10 users with the highest total gaming score of the day

How to calculate % bonus for each user in TOP 10 = % of total points of users / total points of TOP 10

6. Leaderboard

Display information about TOP 10 addresses receiving game bonuses by game and day by day

Tokenplay is a project of TECHFARM PTE. LTD.
Registration No: 201823926Z

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