Official Announcement TokenPlay is hacked

Token Play
2 min readOct 23, 2021


Hi everyone,

This yesterday afternoon, we were hacked by somebody who attacked our bridge Polygon to BSC ( and they had stolen 70mil token TOP on Polygon and forced sell on Quickswap to Matic.

This is a huge loss for us.

This is a hacker’s transaction, they made 2 action hacks and released the first transaction 64,644,217 TOP, and the second 5,681,990 TOP. The total token loss is 70,326,207 TOP tokens.

We’re so sorry to users and investors about that, we are trying to investigate and re-deploy a new contract bridge to fix this hack. And after that, we will deduct part of the budget to buy back tokens on the market to cover the hacked part.

Hacker’s transaction

Some people say that the founding team sells tokens, but that is not true. We still keep the number of tokens after vesting in accordance with the project’s tokenomic and we also stake these tokens on PolyDex.

“Message to Hacker”: This hack greatly affects our project, if you have the kindness please send us tokens back at this wallet address:


We are really grateful to you for that!

Best regards!

Tokenplay Team

Contract Bridge Polygon

Contract Bridge BSC

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