Recap TOPtalk Quiz at 1PM UTC on September 22th, 2021

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3 min readSep 23, 2021

We’re starting a new level series with this one. Vibrant and eye-catching movies will mimic intriguing riddles and amusing scenarios.

Tokenplay’s community will feel a fresh wind thanks to TOPtalk 😍

TOPtalk takes place with the guidance of two hosts extremely beautiful and funny: Ms. Jolly and Ms. Giao Vo

There will be 3 main Topics of TOPTalk:

  • Tokenplay’s NFT
  • Tokenplay games
  • Farming by $TOP

For each quiz, there are only the three contestants with the quickest and most correct responses. The prizes are phenomenal. Total prize is 30,000 $TOP, which:

  • First Prize: 1,500 $TOP/quiz
  • Second Prize: 1,000 $TOP/quiz
  • Third Prize: 500 $TOP/quiz

Ms. Jolly: We should begin with our first Point: NFTs. This is somewhat a question to show what amount you think about Tokenplay NFTs. We should perceive how far you can go 😊😊

Quiz 1: Where do they belong?


  • BSC 1 4 5
  • Polygon 2 3 6

Unexpectedly, at the end of Quiz 1, there was no winner. Is the question too difficult? 😅

Ms. Jolly: Don’t worry! Keep it up to the final. Next question, hope all of you will have the right answer.

Quiz 2: Who is my partner?

Answer: 1A 2B 3C

Quiz 3: Choose the right price!

Answer: 11.000 $TOP

Ms. Jolly: You guys are doing fantastic. Hope you are in the Top3. Let’s speed up to our quiz 4 😊😊😊

Ms. Giao Vo: Speed up now!!!🚀🚀🚀🚀

Quiz 4: This question is kinda tricky: What situation will happen?

Answer: B. The pink snake will run over and kill the red snake

Ms. Jolly: Pls remember Super Slither will come back on Sep 25, you can play for fun and earn money with your friends 😍😍😍 Moving on to the next question? Get ready to go 🚀🚀

Quiz 5: Which is not the available skin set of Super Slither?

Answer: Yellow skin

Ms. Jolly: It is getting better and better!! 😂😂 and super easy question for you

Quiz 6: How many earn games and free games are on

Answer: 3 earn-games & 11 free-games

Ms. Jolly: We have 3 earn games such as: 2048, flapcat, Asteroid, you can take 100 TOP and earn 9 times, so great 😍😍 play hard everyday and earn more on

Ms. Giao Vo: They speed up their answers now. Right on to the quiz 7. Are you ready?

Quiz 7: Which wallet can you choose to import into

Answer: MetaMask & My EtherWallet (MEW)

Ms. Jolly: Here is our quiz 8! Let’s go. 🚀🚀🚀 Keep your enthusiasm to the end, everyone, we have many interesting things for you guys 😊😊😊

Quiz 8: On which exchanges can you buy $TOP?

Answer: PolyDex, Bitmart, Pancakeswap, Bunicorn, Quickswap

Ms. Jolly: Moving on to our semi — final question!! Time fly…😍😍😍

Ms. Giao Vo: Get ready to be amazed!!!

Quiz 9: How many partners has Tokenplay cooperated with?

Answer: 6 partners, except: MyDefiPet, Metaverse, CryptoMafia

Ms. Jolly: Our users are so great 😝😝 Here comes our final questions.

Quiz 10: How many MATIC tokens are needed?

Answer: ~740 MATIC tokens

TOPTalks have come to an end. Thank you so much for joining us with such enthusiasm on this wonderful show. Your overwhelming reaction has been greatly appreciated. Let’s see our Reward Chart today!

Reward Chart

Welcome back Super Slither game on Sep 25 (play for all) and many dramatic battles in tournament on Sep 29, make your effort to find your strength and become “ The Lord.

Thanks everyone and see you on our next show!

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