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Welcome back Super Slither with a new look on September 25th, You can buy unlimited tickets and play to earn with your friends. Show us your talent to create MEME related to our Slither. This event is not only for artists but also for those who are interested in Super Slither.

Be ready to show your great sense of humour?

I. How does it work:

After the release of Super Slither version 1.0, all you have got to do is caption the screen within the game and insert content, otherwise you may design your own. The concept focuses entirely upon Super Slither. It may be anything, an image or a video; pick one that fits you.

II. Timeline:

Contest duration will be started from September 25th to September 28th.

III. Rules:

Join Tokenplay’s Telegram community:

Join Discord:

Warning: Cheating or creating numerous accounts to increase your tweet will result in disqualification from our competition.

IV. How to participate:

1. Like and retweet this tweet:

2. Post your meme in the comments below this tweet

3. Tag three friends and use the hashtag #Tokenplay #SuperSlither #memecontest

4. Invite your friends or post MEME into Tokenplay’s Telegram community to like and interact in order to win.

We will choose the top 10 MEME with the most likes.

V. Prizes breakdown:

Total prize of MEME contest is 17,000 $TOP

+ Top 1: 5,000 $TOP

+ Top 2: 3,000 $TOP

+ Top 3: 2,000 $TOP

+ Top 4 -Top 10: 1,000 $TOP

VI. How do I know if I won:

The competition’s winners will be announced on all of our social media platforms, including Telegram, Discord, and Twitter.

If you are the chosen one, please contact us and give us your wallet to receive your prize.

Last but not least, we wish all the best and be the one.

Tokenplay is a project of TECHFARM PTE. LTD.
Registration No: 201823926Z

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