Token Play became the winner of “Red bull — Conquer Your Dreams”, a reality show about startup ideas.

Overcoming many obstacles, the judges have finally chosen the top 3 most outstanding competitors to compete with each other in the Finales. The three most noticeable startups were: Hoang Phuong Thao, Ho Phuong Thao and Tran Thien Duyen. In addition, three other competitors have also been given another chance to compete in the Finale were: Dinh Minh Quyen, Phan Tran Duc Huyen and Nguyen Thanh Cong.

During the competition, we witnessed many promising and brilliant start-up ideas. Token Play stood out among others to become the champion of Redbull — Chinh Phuc Uoc Mo (Conquer Your Dreams) with a prize of 1 billion Vietnam Dong. Mr Tran Thien Duyen, the man behind Token play, solidly stated that there was still a majority of people who suffered heavily from their vanishing investment in in-game items and currency when a specific game was closed. “We want to give players more ownership power, making them the rightful owner for in-game items and currency they possess” — Mr. Tran Thien Duyen said.

By applying Blockchain technology into gaming platforms, Token Play will tokenize in-game characters, items under forms of codes that verify ownership transparently. Moreover, Blockchain technology is decentralized in nature, which means the server is almost impossible to be hacked and there are no individuals that have total control over the server. Players have every right and action to do whatever they want with their in-game items. From buying, trading to selling on a variety of markets that are built on the same Blockchain platform. Moreover, the items are still available even if the game is closed.

Token Play is constructed on a fundamental idea that it will operate exclusively on Binance Smart Chain platform which support accounts, token transfers, relational data, user progress and Token Play aims to the development of cross chain playability and interaction with NFT (Non-fungible Token).

Token Play project introduces players to a world of minigames and a marketplace where players can trade, buy and sell in-game items. Players have all rights to design, decorate their digital assets after buying online to make it unique and use them as a tool to participate in competitions, quests to earn rewards. From ordinary players to blockchain enthusiasts and even Defi nerds, everyone can join to play, collect items and make profits from what they invest and earn in game. Players now have more power in deciding what they want to do with their in-game assets, decide how much they want to be involved in the game’s decentralised features and De-fi and Token Play games are designed to have impressive longevity where they can “live forever” .

Most outstanding feature of Token Play is its marketplace. Token Play marketplace allows players to collect, trade, buy and sell in-game items they earn during playing. Players can trade items on many different markets, including:

  • In-game market: Blockchain based and fully support ownership market provide transparent, secure and decentralized elements to players
  • Other blockchain based marketplace: Support with TOP Token (a crypto currency of Token Play) that is interchanged with a Binance Smart chain, in-game items and item ownership interchangeable with other relevant blockchains. This helps increase interest and potentially liquidity, and can also be used for marketing purposes.
  • Non-blockchain platform marketplace: Token Play will use the existing game platforms, such as Steam, to sell items, in particular first hand items collections and in-game currencies. This feature will attract more non-cryptocurrency players to the platform.

Token Play uses blockchain technology and NFTs to empower the players and creators. Through NFTs, Token Play users can benefit from:

  • True Digital Ownership: With blockchain, every game item can be tokenized, allowing gamers to decide how they want to trade, sell, or gift their items.
  • Immutability and security: Building on a distributed ledger, Token Play limits frauds and theft due to in-game items being tokenized and verified by the system that validates ownership. Moreover, Blockchain systems also allow easy item trading among primary and secondary markets.
  • Trading: Buying, selling or collecting and whatever you wanna do with your digital assets. Users can safely and comfortably make item trading action on a reliable and real-time value platform.
  • CROSS-APPLICATION INTEROPERABILITY: Token Play blockchain system provides capacity for games to utilize shared assets, avatars and more that can be used on others that allows it.

After an outstanding performance and intense debate, Mr. Tran Thien Duyen and Token Play have become the champion of Red Bull — Chinh Phuc Uoc Mo (Conquer Your Dreams) competition, bringing 1 billion Vietnam Dong investment from Red Bull Vietnam.

Beside Token Play, there were also several other start-up projects with brilliant and innovative ideas that can also be named such as Mr. Dinh Minh Quyen with his Talk Cafe project bringing an opportunity for individuals in the age of 18–40 to be fluent in English. With the desire to make English become Vietnamese second language, The Talk Cafe project was presented in the form of a mobile app where users can register and schedule for English courses, locate nearest English centers and evaluate English teachers’ teaching performances.

Dinh Minh Quyen also strongly stated that: “ We are providing the market with a cheap, exceptional and flexible English communication skills teaching tool”

Ms.Ho Phuong Thao and her project Su Ho Vuong was also a very formidable opponent in the Finale as she was passionate in bringing national history to become more modern and approachable to the young people.

Although Su Ho Vuong received mixed feedback from the judges, Ho Phuong Thao was committed to her point of view: “We are targeting young people who are interested in Japanese, Chinese and Korean cultures. To do so, we have decided to use a modern and animated way of drawing to help reach more of our target users and then move to a more traditional Vietnamese drawing style.”

Red Bull — Chinh Phuc Uoc Mo (Conquer Your Dreams) competition has shown us how Start-up businesses and their ideas can bring innovation to the world. Industry age 4.0 requires daring and brilliant leaders and Mr. Tran Thien Duyen is one of the many. Bringing Blockchain applications to the gaming industry, Token Play shows a great potential in becoming a new Blockchain gaming platform, creating a decentralized, transparent and secure playground for both players and game creators.

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