Tokenplay Development Roadmap Q1 & Q2 / 2022

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4 min readDec 10, 2021


Tokenplay, like any NFT & Gaming platform development project, is constantly evolving and upgrading. And a roadmap detail is the pathway to the expected evolution. The team has continually strived to improve. The corresponding roadmap highlights what is in store for the future.

Tokenplay would like to present the future development roadmap for Q1 & Q2 in 2022.


01/2022 | Gaming Platform

Tokenplay will rebuild the play to earn mechanism to help players easily earn additional income. At the same time, Tokenplay will optimize the user experience with a new and better interface.

01/2022 | Relaunch Game Super Slither

We will complete the Relaunch Super Slither game. In January 2022, Official Launching Super Slither version 1.0 with many unique features. Detail:

  • Super Slither Auto-Scale
  • Super Slither View Mode
  • Super Slither Arena Mode

You are ready to fight hard with us!

01/2022 | Feature DEFI

Tokenplay will launch two new platforms, Tokenplay Staking Platform and Tokenplay Farming Platform, to support players to earn additional income on Tokenplay’s platform through the cooperation between Tokenplay and reputable game developers.

03/2022 | Launchpad INO/Mystery Box

We will deploy two parts in this batch: Launchpad INO & Mystery Box.

Tokenplay will rebuild the NFT Marketplace, allowing players to freely buy, sell, and trade NFTs from Tokenplay games. Tokenplay’s collaboration with other projects aims to unite digital artists and crypto enthusiasts globally.

INO events will be opened to connect game developers and users who need gaming and NFT trading at a reasonable cost through Tokenplay’s Launchpad INO. At the same time, this is also considered a Tokenplay solution to encourage and reward investors and the community.

A series of exclusive Mystery Box collectibles will be featured and traded by Tokenplay this March.


04/2022 | New MMO Game

In Q2 2022, Tokenplay will launch a new game for us to produce — MMO game. Significantly, the new MMO Game allows players to earn money, and every month we will release a new Game.

Changes to the new Play To Earn mechanics make it easier for players to play the game and get rewards. Tokenplay will open you up to countless opportunities to play for fun but also earn passive income. The scoring mechanism when playing the game will have many changes, easy operation, a simple calculation of points, the opportunity to receive high rewards easily.

The ticket purchase mechanism will be changed

1st time: players get to play for free (1 time/day)

2nd time: player will buy with his own wallet

05/2022 | Item Store Dota2

Tokenplay will open an Item shop, which offers a variety of items from a variety of game genres for players to choose to use and trade.

TOP tokens are not only used for trading or farming and now can be used TOP to play games or trade NFTs but also is a Defi platform and an INO platform that delivers an experience beyond expectations for players

Tokenplay will be off to a very positive comeback, and these new developments using other services in Tokenplay’s ecosystem can spur further growth.

About Tokenplay

In the new direction in 2022, Tokenplay will also plan to cooperate with many GameFi partners in the Blockchain field to distribute NFT on our Marketplace.

Furthermore, Tokenplay aims to become a trusted Defi exchange and INO platform and the best in the world in the near future. And this is the place to help new projects reach the right target audience.

Gaming Platform

Tokenplay will build and provide a mature platform where many NFTs gaming project developers can join to make their products available here for buying and selling transactions.

Gaming Platform will also open up more options for users to experience exciting new games. Here Tokenplay builds a transparent reward and reward mechanism. In particular, on Tokenplay’s gaming platform, users can both play and earn passive income.

Feature DEFI

Tokenplay Defi will offer users the opportunity to earn through staking & farming multiple token pairs or staking & farming NFTs. At the same time, it also offers game developers to reach many potential users.

Tokenplay is an intense DEFI Game platform that elevates DEFI and blockchain gaming experience to the next level.

Tokenplay (TOP) will launch a Defi Gaming platform built on the BSC platform with a Play-to-earn model of Casual Games that allows players to earn Tokens from playing games. Tokenplay provides a private AMM DEX that optimizes profit margins for investors and stimulates liquidity for the system. In addition, Tokenplay also links with other GameFi projects to create Pools for users to Stake and Farming to help optimize profits for the project.

Platform INO

Tokenplay creates favorable conditions for new NFT Gaming projects to reach many potential users through INO events on Tokenplay’s community. And through these INO events, users can buy NFTs at reasonable prices.

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