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3 min readNov 12, 2021

Since Tokenplay was merged by Singaporean technology company TechFarm, Tokenplay has experienced impressive growth from the community side. We are off to a very positive start and new developments in the future will help Tokenplay grow even more.

Tokenplay with a new development roadmap in the future with many changes in the project’s operating model.

New Website

Launching Website with a completely new interface, increasing user experience and focusing more on games.

New Logo

We will be releasing a new brand identity of Tokenplay, stronger and more stable. This is considered a comprehensive upgraded version of Tokenplay. We hope through the renewal of the brand identity to show the ambition to bring absolute trust and pleasant surprises to the players.

Play To Earn

Changes to the new Play To Earn mechanics make it easier for players to play the game and get rewards. Tokenplay will open you up to countless opportunities to play for fun but also earn passive income. The scoring mechanism when playing the game will have many changes, easy operation, simple calculation of points, the opportunity to receive high rewards easily.

The ticket purchase mechanism will be changed

1st time: players get to play for free (1 time/day)

2nd time: player will buy with his own wallet

Relaunch Slither

This November, we will complete the Relaunch Slither game with many special features. You are ready to fight hard with us!

Item Store

Until the first quarter of 2022, one of the important items that Tokenplay will focus on upgrading and perfecting is the NFT Marketplace & Item Store platform next year. In particular, the Item Warehouse will be refreshed and updated to allow buyers to pay with Top Token to buy and sell Items and use them in Online games like Dota2, CSGO…

NFT Marketplace

The NFT Marketplace platform allows players to freely buy, sell and trade NFTs from Tokenplay games. And as mentioned above, In the new direction in 2022, Tokenplay will also have a plan to cooperate with many GameFi partners in the Blockchain field to distribute NFT on our Marketplace.

Features Defi

Tokenplay (TOP) will launch a Defi Gaming platform built on the BSC platform with a Play-to-earn model of Casual Games that allows players to earn Tokens from playing games. Tokenplay provides a private AMM DEX that optimizes profit margins for investors and stimulates liquidity for the system. In addition, Tokenplay also links with other GameFi projects to create Pools for users to Stake and Farming to help optimize profits for the project.

  • Staking: Staking is the holding of a certain amount of cryptocurrency in the electronic wallet of a GameFi project for a certain period of time to receive rewards. The reward that investors receive depends on Coin stake salary and stake duration.
  • Farming: Tokenplay will cooperate with GameFi projects in the market to create a Pool that allows players to Farm and receive rewards directly on Tokenplay’s platform.
  • NFT Farming: If you are owning NFTs from other GameFi games but don’t have time to play, Tokenplay will provide you with an NFT Farming feature that allows you to get rewards from Farming the NFTs you already have a way. easily.

Tokenplay is a project of TECHFARM PTE. LTD.
Registration No: 201823926Z

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Token Play

TokenPlay’s vision is to be a platform for the development of NFTs Blockchain Games on multi-chain and beyond — to be a hub for the biggest games blockchain.