TokenPlay officially launches the legendary game Super Slither upgraded version: Play to earn

About Super Slither

Super Slither fulfills your lifelong dream of becoming an ever-growing snake as you compete in a predatory snake world teeming with delicious treats. But it’s easy to get overwhelmed in this online multiplayer game, where your lifespan is often short and devastating.

The world of Super Slither is filled with colorful foods that you need to eat to grow and be strong. You always have to move, change the direction of the snake and cannot make it pause or stop.

The game is casual as well as multiplayer to increase the competitive nature as well as to compete for the screen. We will have to collect light particles as well as kill other snakes to increase the score. I will be equipped with a skill called Acceleration. This will be a good assistant for you to trick other snakes into crashing into you. Then I will collect the number of light particles it emits and my score will be higher and the snake’s body will be longer.

Players can play at any time when they have time: at home, they can play on computers, laptops; Outside, you can use your phone to play games.

The key strategy to win in Super Slither is to surround your opponents, trap them, and force them to rush at you and die. After they die, pick up all their gifts and thrive.

Some key features of Super Slither

  • Online multiplayer mode for up to 500 people, allowing us to compete with other players around the globe.
  • Invite your close friends in the game to play.
  • There are many different game modes for everyone to choose and experience.
  • Buy the necessary items in the shop to upgrade your snake.
  • Work hard with your best snake to get more rewards.
  • Trade Skins to make more money

What do you like most about Super Slither? Let us know.

About TokenPlay

About TokenPlay

TokenPlay is a NFTs, a web game that supports game publishers to reach more users. Token Play promises to create an ecosystem with a variety of games. In particular, Token Play points, gaming fees are converted by TOP coin and valuable, so users can sell it on the web.

Mining, staking, voting and NFTs are the premier functions of Token Play, promising to bring the best experiences of token play for users.

Tokenplay is a project of TECHFARM PTE. LTD.
Registration No: 201823926Z

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