Top 10 Most Expensive NFT Tokens Worldwide

The NFT token is gaining more and more attention from the blockchain community. This unique token has led many industries to form a strong bond. For example, games, VR, E-sport or even the field of art. The following is the Top most expensive NFT Token currently.

Digital artworks are now typically stored as NFTs. Similar to some territories and characters in the game. Some of these are being sold at sky-high prices.

Through this article, we will learn what NFT is and point out the Top 10 most valuable NFTs today.

The reasons why NFT became famous

An NFT token is a special cryptographic token that represents something unique. They are indivisible and will increase digital rarity. Originally NFT was created on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, according to the ERC-721 standard.

But as of now, we can use them on many other blockchains. Such as EOS, TRON, NEO or some other blockchain examples. Convertible NFTs represent digital collections, artwork, or in-game items.

NFT and related smart contracts contain proprietary cryptography. This makes NFT even more unique and not all the same.

For example, for banknotes, you can switch back and forth between two bills of the same denomination. The value will also be the same and no difference from the original.

Bitcoin (BTC) is a convertible token. A transfers BTC to B, B continues to transfer that BTC to C and the value remains the same. And since it is divisible, you can also choose to send or receive a smaller portion of bitcoins — satoshi.

CryptoKitties, located on the Ethereum blockchain, is one of the pioneers of NFT. Users here can acquire and raise virtual cats. Because of the NFT, each cat here is also unique. The virtual cat in this platform is also in the Top most expensive NFT Token currently.

Why NFTs is so hot?

First, consider the aspect of old objects or works of art. Art, artist preference, inclination and endorsement of the art world play a key role in helping collectors purchase art products.

Collecting digital products is similar to collecting physical products. In fact, we can consider them as a hobby or a thing to make money.

NFT tokens only maintain a certain attribute and are attached to a specific program. Or use it to certify ownership of digital products and physical assets. NFTs can transform and represent a wide range of industries. Examples include virtual real estate, art products, games and even insurance policies.

However, it is very difficult to trade NFT in a conventional way. Specialty marketplaces like Openbazaar or LAND from Decentraland can help with this.

The things we summarize and list below will give you a more general overview. Specifically about the 10 most valuable NFTs to date.

1. Digital Art Collection from Beeple — $3.5 million

The top most expensive NFT Token comes from CGI artist Mike Winkelmann, also known as Beeple, which received the largest NFT sales in history. He has posted on Twitter for sale 21 works he owns.

This event quickly gained great attention. Because those works are all based on NFT. They are supported by many authentic Beeple documents and samples.

“NFT market Nifty Gateway” belonging to Winklevoss Gemini exchange hosted this auction. The revenue received after 10 auctions is more than 900,000 USD. 10 other art products total more than 1.2 million USD.

Tim Kang bought the final work for $777,777. In total, after this session, Beeple received the amount of $ 3.5 million. Then Beeple and friends celebrated together in a rain of champagne.

2. Virtual photo of Rick and Morty — 2.3 million USD

Justin Roiland, creator of the hit cartoon “Rick and Morty” has also joined the game. He sells his NFT art collection for sky-high prices. Which includes 16 works, earning 1,300 ETH, equivalent to about 2.3 million USD.

The money earned is distributed and donated to the homeless in Los Angeles. Roiland announces this as a way to measure the artistic boundaries of cryptocurrency.

It is worth noting that some of Roiland’s products are printed in multiple copies. It’s called “It’s Basically Tree Guy” and “Eligible Bachelors”. The value is 10 USD and 100 USD for each product, respectively.

Products that do not have copies will cost more because of their speciality. The limited edition “The Simpsons,” for example, sold for $290,100. The initial price of $14,999 is equivalent to the value of the physical work.

3. Land on Axie Infinity — $1.5 million

The locations listed above are all re-sold works. This time, 9 territories on the popular blockchain game Axie Infinity were sold only once. A territory in this game is already in the Top 3 most expensive NFT TokenFT

Players can build an empire with special characters. At that time someone paid 888.5 ETH, about 1.5 million USD..

Lunacia is a place where you can trade virtual territory but it has some restrictions. The main content is that it will have 90,601 smaller cells, 19% of the player’s powers.

@Its_Falcon_Time — owner of this acquisition. He has the right to become the owner of some real world house or territory with equivalent money value. But digitalization is improving all the time, and he sees it as a lucrative one. Quote: “We are going through a new chapter. The era of digital growth with specifically divided assets. Territories within Axie have recreational, social, and economic value in the form of future resources.”

The land that Falcon bought is considered to be located at a prime location. The growth of Axie Infinity is reflected in the ever-increasing number of entrants.

In the near future it is expected to hold events, festivals or concerts. It takes place right on “your land” and generates profits from it.

4. CryptoPunks Collectibles — $762,000

Last January there was a transaction to sell an NFT on behalf of a character in the game CryptoPunks. Earned a profit of 605 ETH, about $762,000. CryptoPunks is inspired by the crypto art movement. It contains more than 10,000 distinct digital characters.

Today, it is possible to trade securities on the dedicated CyberPunks market. The highlight is that the characters in the game were previously free. We just need an ETH wallet.

NFT was launched in 2017 and has been consistently high in value ever since — at #2890. It is an extremely rare “punk”.

5. A virtual cat in the blockchain game CryptoKitties — 600 ETH

Crypto Kitties’ digital cat Dragon was trading for 600 ETH, about $200,000 at the time. But now 600 ETH is worth about a million USD.

CryptoKitties was one of the first to try to apply blockchain technology to entertainment. Studio Axiom Zen is where it was created. Similar to real cats, each virtual cat here has its own unique DNA.

Its features are called “cattributes’ ‘, which can be passed onto offspring. Each virtual cat is unique. It cannot be copied or transferred without the consent of its owner

In general, previous generations carry more value. This makes the Dragon even more rare. Because it’s the ninth generation CryptoKitty.

6. A F1 Delta Time car — $110,000

Coming in at 6th place in the Top Most Expensive NFT Token is a Formula 1 car in the F1 Delta Time game, more specifically a 1–1–1 model, which is also an NFT form. This virtual racing car was purchased by an anonymous person for 415.5 ETH.

At that time it cost more than 110,000 USD. But today, that amount of ETH is worth $665,000. This deal was in the first place at the top of the highest NFTs transactions in 2019.

7. An F1 Delta Time race track — $200,000

This time we will talk about part of the track. In early December 2020, a track on F1 Delta Time was sold for over 9 million REVV tokens. Worth about $200,000 at the time.

As a result, REVV has grown by 500%. At the moment that amount is equivalent to 1.2 million USD.

For F1 Delta Time, all major in-game assets are transferred as NFTs. The Circuit de Monaco virtual circuit contains 330 tokens. And classified into four levels — from “Rare” to “Apex”.

Each token represents a virtual tracking share. It will support its owner a lot of privileges.

With this type of NFT, it will fall under the “Apex” level. Buyers will get 5% of the total revenue from the game and 4.2% of the profit from staking. This amount is obtained from the player’s deposit. Both will be paid in REVV utility tokens.

8. NFT yinsure. Financial Insurance — 350 ETH

“5000.0 ETH-Cover-NFT” is an insurance policy based on yinsure.Finance. This is a project supported by Yearn.Finance. Thanks to the feature of a dedicated digital policy, its owner will get 1 insurance plan.

It is used to combat smart contract violations on in the amount of 5,000 ETH. The NFTs cost 350 ETH, which today is worth about $560,000.

Yinsure is also known as Cover. Overall, it’s a combination of Nexus Mutual protection and a new type of encryption coverage.

Insurance contracts are encoded as NFTs. Each contract is an NFT or another name is yNFT. It can be transferred and traded.

9. 12,600 square meters of virtual land in Decentraland — 514 ETH

A mysterious person traded 12,600 square meters for 514 ETH on Decentraland. This game is a centralized virtual reality platform and is based on Ethereum. Players can produce, experience, and profit from the accompanying content and apps.

LAND is a limited capacity 3D virtual space here. It is an irreplaceable digital asset and is maintained by Ethereum smart contracts. Landowners of LAND are entitled to manage and operate their virtual land.

10. LAND at 22.2 location in Decentraland — 345 ETH

The last rank in the Top NFT Token is currently another Decentraland. This is an area located at the “prime” location 22.2 .

For Decentraland, the area of ​​land is fixed. About 80% of the space is privately owned. The rest is mostly sold and rented by Decentraland. The rest is considered as roads, squares, it is not owned by anyone.

Characters have the right to walk only on player-owned ground and on public lands. Therefore, where to buy is quite important. Land located in prime locations will be more expensive than land located in remote areas.

In conclusion, when looking at the growth of the market and NFT tokens. We can see this will be another big trend right after DeFi.

Each NFT has its own unique and distinctive character. While NFT is still a niche market today, it already has many applications.

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